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This website is about Sri-Lankan Americans, who are naturalized citizens of the US, or those born to them in the US Sri-Lankans are a multi-ethnic, diverse group of people-Singhalese, Tamils, Moors (Muslims), Burghers, and other of various religious denominations- Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians living together for many centuries.

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The Unifying voice between President Obama, Sri-Lankan Americans, and the people of Sri- Lanka.

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The Sri-Lankan Americans for President Obama seeks to foster a spirit of cooperation and harmony among all the people of the United States and the people of Sri-Lanka. We embrace the ideals of love, brotherhood, and non-violence to benefit the US and to free our brothers and sisters in Sri-Lanka from the vicious cycle of hate, bigotry, and extremism. We enlist educational and religious leaders to propagate social justice and peace. Finally, we a factual resource for accurate, unbiased information on the current situation in Sri-Lanka, and dedicated to the principles of the Rule of Law, Transparency, and Accountability.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Mr. Mathew,

Everything you said about Sri Lanka is wrong; in fact they were blatant lies. I understand you are a highly paid (it is alleged) by the LTTE left over’s who still control a large sum of money. The money the LTTE controls is illegal and it is time the INTERPOL went after them. I have never heard one word you uttered that has been correct about Sri Lanka. Why don’t you give-up your day-job and find some useful employment!

You are still harping on the detainees and internment camps and genocide. Don’t you understand that nearly 5 billion people voted for Sri Lanka at the UN HRC meeting in Geneva and only half a billion voted for your buddies-the colonial powers- who have no standing in the world anymore. My friend this is DEMOCRACY AT WORK!

I am a US citizen born in Sri Lanka and lived in Ceylon until I was 23 years old. Let me remind you some local home truths. In Sri Lanka everybody uses barbed wire around the perimeter of their home. I remember vividly my dad had people working on our fence with concrete posts around the house with barbed wire inside the posts to keep outsiders coming to our home. The front of the house was protected by a wooden picket fence with two large gates for cars to drive through. This was generally the rule. So Mr. Mathew it is not to keep us in the house, but to protect us from outsiders. You in the West do not seem to get it! You think of BARBED WIRE and the CONCENTRATION CAMPS you guys started in South Africa and later in Germany. CONCENTRATION CAMPS are not the hallmark of EASTERN SOCIETY.

As for Norway been worried about the Internally Displaced persons-let me tell them there is
nothing to worry about them. They are citizens of that country and they will be resettled soon the moment the de-mining is complete. The Norwegians are shedding crocodile tears. They are the main cause of the problem. They helped the Tiger Terrorists so much-including training them in military warfare and given them all types of arms and ammunition. In fact, Norway with a few other countries should be tried in the International War Tribunal for aiding and abetting a fanatical terrorist group.

I am wondering why Mr. Matthew, the UN or Norway worry about the displaced persons in the SWAT Valley. Nearly 80% of 2.5 million people are refugees due to the fighting. Is it ok when the West fight the locals, and them to be displaced, I do not understand the logic. Common guys lets be real!