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This website is about Sri-Lankan Americans, who are naturalized citizens of the US, or those born to them in the US Sri-Lankans are a multi-ethnic, diverse group of people-Singhalese, Tamils, Moors (Muslims), Burghers, and other of various religious denominations- Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians living together for many centuries.

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The Unifying voice between President Obama, Sri-Lankan Americans, and the people of Sri- Lanka.

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The Sri-Lankan Americans for President Obama seeks to foster a spirit of cooperation and harmony among all the people of the United States and the people of Sri-Lanka. We embrace the ideals of love, brotherhood, and non-violence to benefit the US and to free our brothers and sisters in Sri-Lanka from the vicious cycle of hate, bigotry, and extremism. We enlist educational and religious leaders to propagate social justice and peace. Finally, we a factual resource for accurate, unbiased information on the current situation in Sri-Lanka, and dedicated to the principles of the Rule of Law, Transparency, and Accountability.

Friday, March 27, 2009

IMF Loan to Sri Lanka

Since when, is these self elected guardians of democracy, suddenly find the Government of SRI LANKA the villain. They have a bull-horn, that is all they got, and money from sources that nobody seems to know! Sri Lanka is a Democratic Country, a Member of the UN and its agencies which includes the IMF and the World Bank. What has an INGO like the Asia Human Rights Watch or the International Amnesty got to do with deliberations of these world bodies and councils. I never heard for the last 30 years as a citizen of the USA, anyone of these organizations shouting so loudly when we bombed Cambodia, or the Gulf of Tonkin accident, or overthrowing the democratically elected government of Allande in Chille, or Mossadeq in Iran, or more recently when we sent drones to Pakistan and violate its sovereign land because we are after the terrorists, or killing innocents in Iraq -nearly 1,000,000million civilians to fight a war against “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, But now less than 70,000 have died in Sri Lanka for the last 30 years-which we say is too much- suddenly these foreign NGO’s are up in arms. Obviously they are protecting their own livelihood and working for their pay masters. WE ARE NOT STUPID. WE UNDERSTAND.