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Sunday, November 1, 2009

PPSRI Board Makes Progress on Rehabilitation Centers in Sri Lanka

Positive progress has been made towards the vision of two (2) rehabilitation facilities as Physical/Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Institutes (PPSRI): an Inpatient institute in the Northern Province with 20 beds, and an Outpatient Institute in the Southern Province.

At their Summer meeting, the Physical/Phycho-Social Rehabilitation Institute (PPSRI) Board of Directors decided that the site of the PPSRI facilites should be at a location in the Northern Province as designated by the Government of Sri Lanka.

In addition, the Board has decided to build an outpatient center in the Southern Province in an area designated by the Government of Sri Lanka.

The Board plans to build these Institutes and fully furnish them, including start-up supplies.

Once completed, it is the Board’s intent to hand these over to the Sri Lankan Government to serve the people of Sri Lanka.

“We are only waiting for the land to be designated by the Sri Lankan Government.” said Dr. C. Kumarlal Fernando, President of the PPSRI Board.

The Board also decided to retain “Give2Asia” as the 501.c.3 organization for these projects. Give2Asia will continue to collect all funds and work with the PPSRI Board to build the hospital. Donations will also be available on-line with Pay-Pal.

The Board also decided, for the purposes of transparency, that all expenses incurred by the Board President and other members of the Board towards the hospital project will be purely from their private funds and not from PPSRI funds.

Dr. Fernando and Dr. Menezes have agreed to bear expenses from their own private funds for all administrative expenses and secretarial work.

The PPSRI Board is made up of eighteen (18) prominent members of the Sri Lankan-American community from all across America, including: President Dr. C. Kumarlal Fernando, CEO of Island Rehabilitation Center of Marco Island, Florida; Vice President Dr. Ralph Menezes, MD, former Medical Director of Forest Hospital, Chicago, Illinois; Dr. Jiva Ganepola, MD, Professor of Surgery, Columbia University, New York, NY; Dr. Samuel Tambyraja, MD, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Cincinnati, OH; Dr. Jayasiri Fernando, MD, Consultant Radiologist, Effingham, IL; Brian Thambi, Managing Director, Pharmaceuticals, Chicago, IL; Manel Samarashinghe, Montessori Instructor, Wilton, CT; Hihal Goonerwardene, President, International Science & Technology Institiute Potomac, MD; Priyan Guneratne, Chief Operating Officer, TF Stor Inc., Denver, CO; Diva Sandrasagra, Princeton, NJ; Mahinda Ranawake, Commissioner, International Visitors Commission, Springfield, IL; Dr. Ahmed Rahm Mowjood, D.O., Consult Physician, Aneheim, CA; Thalif Deen, Editor-in-Chief, IPS UN Journal, New York, NY; Indrajith Obeysekera, Esq., Consul to Kaiser Permanante, San Francisco, CA; Dr. Ananda Guruge, PhD, Former Ambassador for Sri Lanka to the USA, CA; Saliya Abeysekera, Chief Executive Officer, Aqua Regal Inc., Sarasota, FL.