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Monday, October 12, 2009


On Friday, October 9th, 2009, a meeting was held by Assistant Secretary of State, Robert O. Blake, Jr., with a group of Sri Lankan Americans at the State Department in Washington, D.C., USA.

Assistant Secretary Blake welcomed the Sri Lankan-Americans to the State Department and expressed the desire to discuss matters of mutual interest to SriLanka and the USA.

Mr. Blake said he wished to discuss three subjects: IDP’s, Political Reconciliation and Human Rights.

Regarding IDP’s, Mr. Blake was quite adamant that the US Government insists that the people in the camps should be allowed freedom of movement, and that the US Government would continue to support that effort if the Sri Lankan Government does not act in good faith.

Many members of the Sri Lankan-American delegation implored the Secretary to understand that the Sri Lankan Government is trying its best to resettle the IDP’s in safe surroundings after de-mining has taken place, and after the Tamil Tiger elements are separated from the rest of the Sri Lankan community within the camps.

Dr. C. Kumarlal Fernando, Chairman of the “Sri Lankan-Americans for Obama.com” network, compared the current IDP situation to the Hurricane Katrina refugees. The Katrina disaster occurred nearly 4 years ago and still nearly half the displaced persons have not yet been resettled. This is in-spite of the fact that the US is a wealthier nation, and did not have the difficulties of an internal war as in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Fernando went on to say that the government of Sri Lanka has pledged to resettle all IDP’s by the 18th of January, and called upon the US Government to allow Sri Lanka to meet that schedule.

It was apparent that the US government seems not to trust the word of those in power in Sri Lanka and it is important we all help in the process of bridge-building to bring the to two sides closer.

Responding to the matter of Political Reconciliation, Mr. Blake spoke of his views that the Sri Lankan Government seems to delay the process of implementing the 13th amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution.

Dr. Fernando pointed out that Sri Lanka is the oldest democratic country in Asia. Certainly the US Government should support this democracy, and not attempt to mico-manage another country. Dr. Fernando referred to the fact that Sri Lankan President Rajapakse has pledged that he will devolve power to the Provinces after the elections next year. Dr. Fernando urged Mr. Blake to communicate a willingness to wait until after the elections to make judgement on this issue.

Regarding human rights, Mr. Blake implied that there has been limits to freedom, liberty of movement, and profiling against the Tamils.

Attendees, Dr. Hemachandra and Dr. Nihal Goonertane, both spoke up to Mr. Blake in saying any perceived attention towards the Tamil is due to the war with the LTTE terrorists, nothing more.

Dr. Hemachandra and Goonertane, voiced comparisons of Mr. Blake’s perspective of the “profiling” of Tamils to the US Government’s “profiling” of Muslims due to the US’s current “war on terror.” They pointed out that the majority of Tamils live with the other communities in the rest of the country other than Eastern and Northern Provinces.

Mr. Blake reminded those present that the US government has provided $56 million in humanitarian assistance and another $6.6 million in de-mining assistance in 2009. He went on to say that if the US sees that the Government of Sri Lanka moves rapidly with resettling the IDP’s and hastens the process of reconciliation, the US Government would be more helpful to the people of Sri Lanka.

Dr. Goonertane added that we should avoid Sri Lanka moving towards the Chavez-Ghaddaffii group and try to maintain their friendly relations with Sri Lanka.

Regarding Human Rights, Mr. Blake went on to say that the Government of Sri Lanka must seek to improve human rights and accountability.

Mr. Blake recommended that the Sri Lankan-Americans present should seek opportunities to channel their resources and expertise toward supporting national reconciliation and the reconstruction of Sri Lanka.

Dr. Fernnado appealed to the Sri Lankan-Americans present to unite and form institutions and foundations such as “think-tanks” and others to help Sri Lanka.

Everyone present thanked Mr. Blake and his efforts with the help of the US government to continue friendly relations for the benefit of both countries. Mr. Blake concluded by saying that he would like to continue the dialogue with the Sri Lankan-Americans and urged the participants present to continue to share their feedback.