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This website is about Sri-Lankan Americans, who are naturalized citizens of the US, or those born to them in the US Sri-Lankans are a multi-ethnic, diverse group of people-Singhalese, Tamils, Moors (Muslims), Burghers, and other of various religious denominations- Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians living together for many centuries.

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The Unifying voice between President Obama, Sri-Lankan Americans, and the people of Sri- Lanka.

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The Sri-Lankan Americans for President Obama seeks to foster a spirit of cooperation and harmony among all the people of the United States and the people of Sri-Lanka. We embrace the ideals of love, brotherhood, and non-violence to benefit the US and to free our brothers and sisters in Sri-Lanka from the vicious cycle of hate, bigotry, and extremism. We enlist educational and religious leaders to propagate social justice and peace. Finally, we a factual resource for accurate, unbiased information on the current situation in Sri-Lanka, and dedicated to the principles of the Rule of Law, Transparency, and Accountability.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am a world citizen who is a political junkie; I sometimes do not seem to get it! Could someone try to explain to me how officials who are paid by us, seem to go against the votes passed by the member nations of the World Bodies.

Yesterday Ms. Marie Heuze, spokeswoman for the UN in Geneva said “What happened in the Human Rights Council last week is more than troubling.” She was referring to the votes that Sri Lanka was given by the members, and the EU resolution was completely voted down by the UNHRC by a huge majority. If you count the number of people represented by these countries-it was 5 billion votes for Sri Lanka and 1/2 billion votes against Sri Lanka. What is so troubling for Ms. Heuze? It’s time that these folks who do not understand how DEMOCRACY WORKS should be KICKED OUT of these WORLDS BODIES! TIME WE THE SILENT MAJORITY SPOKE UP!