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Friday, April 24, 2009


I am beginning to wonder why are you really shedding tears for the Tamil folks getting killed in a rescue mission where so far over 120,000 have been rescued, and a few have died, because the Tiger Terrorists have fired upon the Sri Lankan people who were kept as human shields by force, are been rescued.

I am well over 70 years old and I have never seen a rescue mission nowhere in the world where so many have been rescued and only so few have been killed in the process. I am against war and I am for non-violence, but yet there are times in human history war seems to be the only solution for the greater good of the many .I say thank you to the Sri Lankan Government and its troops to have done such a remarkable job.

Let’s go back in the immediate past and look at the record of the free world in rescuing people who were in great danger. In Chechnya to save a few children the Russians killed more kids with the terrorists than in Sri Lanka. In Rwanda, the UN did not even get closer to the crisis and millions perished and the free world just kept talking.

Remember us trying to rescue the US citizens held captive in the US Embassy. That was wrong on the part of Iran, to have held the Americans as hostages, yet our rescue teams went up in smoke in the desert I think due to sand choking the helicopters. That was a botched effort!

Then some years ago China took over Tibet. The Tibetans are still fighting. What has the free world done give the Chinese a pass. So is it in Georgia, when Russia invaded the Georgian territory, what did the UN and the free world do-nothing!I do not understand which part my friend Ban Ki-0 Moon does not seem to understand. Not only has him our French Foreign Minister seemed to have got it all wrong. He and the Brits forever trying to help the poor Sri Lankans. They got it all wrong again! They think because Sri Lankan Army breached the earthen bunds which the terrorists put-up with the heavy equipment given by the INGO’s to the Tigers, the people who are now able to walk through this to freedom, are drowning in the sea-these two foreign ministers want to send boats to help people who are drowning. In fact nobody is drowning. These guys got it all wrong.

Canada and Australia are shedding crocodile tears. They are worried about their votes at home. Think about it folks DEMOCRACY AT WORK! Thousands of Tiger terrorists who were accepted as refugees are now their voters. So a few thousand votes are more important than the welfare of a country.

People- do not forget Sri Lanka is a Democracy too. The elected government of the day is doing the responsible thing-protecting their voters who have voted for them to protect them. And we who are Sri Lankan Americans are glad the elected members of parliament are doing what the elected members of these other countries are doing! Looking after their interests.

War is terrible. Death of women and children are even worse. But let’s look at what these Great Western and Eastern Democracies have done in the name of Democracy. We have killed nearly million civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan- Lancet study. Even if that is exaggerated say over 500,000.Now is that correct for the sake of expanding democracy to these countries. Let’s see who are leading this effort.USA with the NATO countries, including our buddies, UK.

Why kill so many in the name of democracy, when the oldest democratic country in Asia is trying to survive and you all are at her throat. Just back down. Allow that country to survive, and let’s help them to help the freed Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka live in peace, once a political settlement is arrived at. Let’s help them with our dollars not with boats, and more armed forces!

This time we all should get together and shout-lets enforce the 13th Amendment to the constitution, and give everybody to live their lives in peace and harmony.