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Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Fire Zone

Dr. Sathy Moorthy,

As reported by Mohan Gunerthnam and Ranjith Sunderam in Vavuniya and published in the Guardian today, we have learnt that the good doctor is in charge of the pass system in the No fire zone, and he and he alone can let civilians leave the NFZ.I wonder whether he is breaking the Hippocrates Oath he took on graduation. Now the NFZ is now the territory of TAMIL ELAM, and they are in charge with the good doctor manning the Gates!

The Tiger cadres have been told never to surrender, and if they do the lives of their families are at stake, as they are now held as HUMAN SHIELDS and HOSTAGES. I think in war this is permissible!

I am only reporting what our good friends Mohan and Ranjith informs us from Vavuniya, so you may BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

Unless you are really dying the good doctor will not break with the rules and give you a pass to leave-the GATES OF HELL. We are also told the trapped Tamil civilians are raging mad with the good doctor and his medical staff as they enforce the Pass System with a heavy hand.
Mrs. Pillai of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, do not think it’s time you read the RIOT ACT.