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This website is about Sri-Lankan Americans, who are naturalized citizens of the US, or those born to them in the US Sri-Lankans are a multi-ethnic, diverse group of people-Singhalese, Tamils, Moors (Muslims), Burghers, and other of various religious denominations- Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians living together for many centuries.

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The Unifying voice between President Obama, Sri-Lankan Americans, and the people of Sri- Lanka.

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The Sri-Lankan Americans for President Obama seeks to foster a spirit of cooperation and harmony among all the people of the United States and the people of Sri-Lanka. We embrace the ideals of love, brotherhood, and non-violence to benefit the US and to free our brothers and sisters in Sri-Lanka from the vicious cycle of hate, bigotry, and extremism. We enlist educational and religious leaders to propagate social justice and peace. Finally, we a factual resource for accurate, unbiased information on the current situation in Sri-Lanka, and dedicated to the principles of the Rule of Law, Transparency, and Accountability.

Monday, March 16, 2009


It’s interesting to note what a biased group Pearl can be. It’s supposed to be a Washington based Sri Lankan group who are for equality and justice, but when you read their writings they are neither for truth or justice. They inform the world that the Pacific Command is ready to go to North Sri Lanka and help evacuate the Sri Lankans caught between the terrorist group (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan government forces. Pearl informs its readers that after they are evacuated, the people will then put into concentration camps! This is an utter lie. Repeating the same lie does not make it a fact. It’s a shame that people who have been financing the terrorists group for so long now are in a new garb (PEARL) and wants the rest of the world to believe that they are for equality, truth and justice. Stop helping a terrorist group! Helping a terrorist group could be illegal in the USA! Remember the World Tamil Association, the Tamil Rehabilitation Fund and now the Tamil Foundation all have been proscribed by the US government. We hope PEARL is not the next. Let’s talk about the facts. Nobody doubts that there are excesses in any war. Let’s hope there is peace and the end of terror soon.