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Monday, March 16, 2009

The government of Sri Lanka must be thanked

The government of Sri Lanka must be thanked for allowing the Human Rights Watch to enter the war zone and write a report, which is now available to all of us. As a matter of fact, it seems unfair in the scheme of things that a not so powerful country is forced to accept some of these NGO’S during a war when other countries like Israel, China, Russia and even the USA are refusing to do so. Aren’t these double standards?  We wonder why the British Government is vigorously fighting to send a special envoy to Sri Lanka without consulting the Sri Lankan government. Could the reason be that is it for local votes in the UK?  UK seems righteous when it has waged a war in Falklands and never allowed any Human Rights Watch or other NGO’S to  report that war. Now that Sri-Lanka, a democratically elected government is waging a war with a group that has been labeled “terrorist” by the whole civilized world (except North Korea-who supplies them with arms) and the Communist Party of India suddenly a group of NGO’S are shouting that it is “unfair”. Let’s be frank that this war would should have been settled at least 20 years ago if the European countries like Norway, Sweden, UK, Switzerland, Canada and Australia listen to the Sri Lankan governments of the day not to accept these terrorists as refugees to their countries, which later have become a source of income for the terrorists to continue to fight with the democratically elected country of the day. Suddenly when these countries including our own country, the US has been attacked by another group of terrorists, only then did the countries of the West wake up and ban the terrorist organizations including the Tigers and their front organizations such as the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, the World Tamil Association, and now the Tamil Foundation, who have been collecting money by fair and foul (extortion) means to help the cause of the Tamil Terrorists.